Getting Away And Getting It Done When You’re A Mom

Getting Away And Getting It Done When You're A Mom

Have you ever prefaced what you do with the word just. I would bet that you have. Don’t feel bad, I’ve done it myself. I am just a blogger, or I am just the treasurer, as somehow I was less than someone who works out of the home or runs the organization. I have worked hard to remove the ‘justs’ from my life. Hearing other say it now is like nails on a chalkboard. But every time I hear ‘I am just a mom’ I want to scream. 

As a mom, I juggle more roles than I ever thought possible. I am a mom. I am a small business owner. I am a blogger. I am a dishwasher. I am a watcher of the same episodes of Bubble Guppies over and over. With all of the roles I need to juggle on a day to day basis it can be very hard to get what needs to be done, well … done. I especially find juggling being a working mother difficult. My spouse mainly works nights, which means I am a solo parent 5-6 nights a week. I often find myself working late into the night. 

Getting Away And Getting It Done When You're A Mom

I’ve talked to other bloggers and smal business owners and this is a common thing. Late nights and working at every possible available moment is common. I’ve tried different solutions to this problem: creating schedules, hiring virtual assistants, creating different schedules, purchasing automation software, oh and did I mention implement schedules? None of these were solutions to my problem. When I created a schedule something would change with my husband’s work and it would become obsolete. When I hired a virtual assistant I would find other tasks to fill up my ‘free’ time. I finally figured out what the root of my problem was.

I was juggling too many things at once. Everytime I would start one task I would switch to another. My day was filled full of projects in varies stages of completion. Since I was fitting so many tasks into just a few hours, I never got ahead. My solution was to get all of these small tasks done and create a plan for the future. A solution that is impossible to do at home.

This past week I spent two (glorious) nights at Comfort Inn The Pointe in Niagara Falls, New York. Without my home distractions, I was able to get all of my in progress tasks done (yay!) as well as set up a calendar for the next 3 months. I was also able to try my DSLR for the second time since purchasing it in March. In 8 months, I just hadn’t found the time to really take it out and figure out the settings. Plus the hotel was just steps from Niagara Falls. I couldn’t ask for a better backdrop. 

I would implore anyone who is ‘just’ a mom to get out if just for one night. You can create your meal plans for the next month, get caught up on work or just relax and rejuvenate. Staying at the Comfort Inn the biggest choice you will have to make is whether you want a firm or soft pillow (don’t worry they give you both). 

With all the amenities you need and hotels everywhere you want to be, Comfort Inn will get you rested and ready for anything ahead.

  • Free hot breakfast—from eggs and meat to healthy yogurt and fresh fruit, plus waffles—everyone’s favorite!
  • Cozy beds for a refreshing night sleep
  • Clean, comfortable, well-appointed rooms
  • Free high-speed internet
  • Fitness center or pool at most locations
  • All-new look and feel, with hundreds of renovated hotels

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Choice Hotels. The opinions and text are all mine.

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