How to Use Yummly to Grow Your Site

Yummly is my 2nd biggest traffic referrer. For food bloggers it can be the biggest traffic referrer. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time for it to happen either, it can be really quick. Basically, it is a huge online recipe box and the fastest growing food based website.

Adding a recipe is as simple as “yumming” a recipe, it gets added to your personal recipe box, which is public, for all to see, make, and “yum”. It is the easiest social media platform to use. There is no remembering to post frequent updates or re-pining of your content. When you publish a new recipe, hit your “yum” button and you’re finished with it.

How to Use Yummly to Grow Your Site

To get started visit Yummly here and start a free profile.

Download a “yum” button for your blog Yummly

Download a “yum” button for your browser to “yum” recipes on sites that do not have a “yum” button…Yummly

Next, “yum” all your recipes, get them out there. Then you can sort your recipe box into collections to make recipes easier to find later. You can Yum recipes from anywhere.

How to use Yummly to grow your site

You don’t you have to worry about following people as there is no following, you don’t have to worry about how many likes a post gets.

Instead, more importantly, people are going to see your content because they are looking for what you have to offer. Yummly scans recipes for ingredients and will only recommend recipes to you that meet your specific guidelines. Therefore, if you specifically write dairy free recipes then Yummly is going to show those recipes to people who are looking for dairy free.

Bonus: When you start filling out the form for having your publisher page updated you have the chance to get featured on the site and social media. Another great way to increase your traffic.

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