How Bloggers Can Build Authority Using Resources And Facts

How bloggers can use resources and facts

When you’re able to add relevant facts and data to your posts you increase your credibility and authority. And guess what? People buy from those that they consider to be trustworthy experts. So adding data and accurately sourcing that data only improves your blog and your business.

But how do you do it? Let’s take a look at a list of tips and strategies:

How Bloggers Can Build Authority Using Resources and Facts

Find the Primary Source

Great statistics and facts get repeated online. You may find the same stat listed in a dozen different blog posts and articles. But who said it first? Who found the information or published the data? That’s the person you want to cite in your article. You may have to do a little digging to find the original source.

Write First, Add Facts Second

Consider writing your content first and highlighting the areas where you’d like to add a statistic, fact, or data. Once the post is written, then you can search for the specific information you’d like. This is a time saving tip. If you try to research first, then you often don’t know what you’re looking for and can spend hours just researching one blog post. (You can also ask your VA to find the facts and figures for you.)

Cite and Link to the Source

You’d be unhappy if someone used information from your blog posts and didn’t give you credit for it, right? Make sure that you cite every fact and figure that you use in your content (unless the data is something that you’ve collected.) Link to the source. It doesn’t detract from your authority, in fact it enhances it and you’re 100 percent transparent, which is a good thing.

Use Google Search Functions

Did you know that when you search for information online, you can restrict the results to the past day, week, month or year? This helps you get the most up to date stats and information.

If you’re unfamiliar with filtering search results, here’s a quick 2 step process:

Google Search Function Get Most Updated Info

Bookmark Great Resources

Create a folder of bookmarks for sites and sources that you visit often. You can then turn to these resources first and save some time hunting for information. I often use my RSS reader for this one.

Finally, make sure that the data that you’re sharing is accurate. Finding the primary source will usually take care of that. If you cannot find the primary source, strive to make sure that the facts have been published by at least three other reputable sources before you include it in your content.

If you’re not used to including or citing sources, here is a tip to get started. Take 15-30 minutes to browse articles in your industry, and find three reliable sources of industry stats and information. Bookmark them so you can use them when you write your content.


Do you include facts and stats in your blog posts? How do you find them?

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