Starting a Blog? Answer These 10 Questions First

Starting a Blog? Answer These 10 Questions First

Starting a blog these days is a lot like starting a new business, and so you’ll need to ask and answer a lot of the same questions. It will help give you focus and do some long-term planning for success.

Starting a Blog? Answer These 10 Questions First

What do I have the knowledge and experience to write about?

Who is my target audience?

What should my blog’s graphic design look like? (it should appeal to your target audience and be able to encompass the topics you’ll be writing about)

Which bloggers have accomplished the goals I’m after? (hint: follow them! ask them for advice!)

Can I blog consistently at least a few times a week? (commitment over the long term is very important for holding an audience and staying relevant)

Do I know how to find what’s trending? (i.e. which topics are important in your niche). Here are some great tips for discovering trends.

What are my boundaries? (save your sanity and reduce stress by setting time limits, price rates and determining the work you will and will not be open to doing)

What should I name my blog? (don’t limit yourself because life – and your blog’s focus – can change rapidly – a title like Moonlight Mama is more flexible than Life with the Twins)

How much privacy do I want? (some bloggers use a nickname for themselves and any family members mentioned, and are careful never to show faces – you can be as public or as private as you wish)

How will I protect my work? (choose a good watermark for your images and make sure that anyone who wants to share your work gives due credit and a link back to your blog).

What questions did you have to ask yourself when starting and building your own blog? What advice would you give to aspiring publishers?


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