First Day Of Homeschool

Whether it is the first day going to school or the first day back to school they are always important, just a first day of homeschool is important, if not more so. After all, we need to separate the first day of school from every other day.

This year will be the first with two homeschoolers in my house so I thought we’d do something really special: go to the Science Centre, a favorite place of ours where we learn and explore. We’ll also be able to do a number of the follow first day of homeschool ideas while we’re there.

First Day Of Homeschool

First Day of Homeschool

Interview your student

Ask them the same questions each year – its fun to see how their answers change year to year. Some of the questions could include: how tall they are, what their favorite food/color/activity/movie/TV show/book is, who is their best friend, etc. 


Let them help you put together their portfolio. They can decorate the cover, the dividers, etc. Plus getting them to help saves on you doing all the work, teaches them to take ownership of their work.

Back to School Pictures

Take some fun pictures. Include some of the classic – in front of the house/door with a card saying what grade they are going into. Picture of them working on their first subject work, etc.

Create a Tradition

It can be a small thing that doesn’t require a lot of work, like making waffles for breakfast or lunch. Or as we are, go on a field trip to somewhere such as the park, or a museum. These places are often less crowded if you are starting back on the same day or once public schools are back in session.

How do you celebrate the first day back to school?

Take these first day of homeschool ideas and make up your own traditions for your family. They’ll change and evolve as your family grows.

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