Great Websites For Kids

The generation of kids that we are raising right now, are better on computers than some of their parents. There are a lot of websites out there targeted towards kids, but how do you choose which ones are safe, which ones are appropriate for your kids? Here is my list of great websites for kids. 

Great Websites For Kids

Great Websites For Kids

Here are some free, child appropriate, parent approved websites:

Star Fall

Star Fall is very educational, but very fun for kids. There are four different levels for reading, there are games and books for each. Your child can work on math skills and learn math song. There is also a number of different activities for different days such as Earth Day.

Sesame Street

Most kids love Sesame Street! Their website is made for younger kids, there are games, videos and and art studio. If you just happen to have a Sesame Street but they aren’t (or you aren’t) ready for online use, they do have printables.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain has a lot of games! You can sort through the games by grade level, numbers (math), words, and fun, because fun is the most important.

Knowledge Kids

Knowledge Kids has a lot of fun games with characters that your child may recognize from their favorite shows. There are new games, popular games, and harder games for more advanced playing. 

There is also an app that you can get for on the go playing.

National Geographic Kids

I’m a big fan of the National Geographic Kids. Educational, and fun. There are a lot of different games, and your kids can learn about different animals.


Scholastic is fun of fun games that your kids will love. There are games from their favorite shows like Magic School us and Clifford. There are stories that you child can read themselves or listen to, and they fill in the blankets with words as the story goes.


Here you will find games and activities based on your favorite Dr Seuss books! Activities can be based on the type of activity (art) or on the book (Bartholomew and the Oobleck).


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