How to Find Trending Topics In Your Niche

How to Find Topics In Your Niche

Blogging every day becomes MUCH easier when you know exactly what you’re going to blog about. And while identifying topics can be a challenge if you are trying to whip up a blog post every day, a little advanced planning and some simple systems can really help you get on track and create phenomenal blog content.

How to Find Trending Topics In Your Niche

This blog post is a simple collection of tips and strategies that you can embrace to create a lengthy list of potential topics for your blog content.

Google Alerts

Use this free tool to help you stay in touch with what’s going on in your industry. Identify keywords that are relevant to your audience and your industry and let Google sort through the millions of posts, articles, and news for you.

You can schedule the alerts to be emailed to you on a regular basis; I receive alerts daily to keep abreast of trends. You can then sort through the alerts and take notice of the topics that are potentially useful. In effect, you can use Google as your research assistant!

Social Media

Pay attention to what your audience is talking about on social media. Follow industry influencers. Follow your customers. And stay in contact with your prospects. Online conversations can be informative and fuel topic ideas.

When using social media, harness the power of hashtags for keyword research. Save a list of industry hashtags and search these hashtags whenever you need to industry research.

Your Competition

Notice and track what your competition talks about on their blog. You don’t want to copy what they’re doing, but you can probably improve or expand on their topics. You can also read their blog comments and leverage that information into topic ideas.

Industry Publications

Subscribe to magazines, newsletters, and newsfeeds that are relevant to your industry. Read them and pay attention to the content that gets the most attention. This is information you can use to fuel your own posts.

Quick Tip: Create specific lists in your RSS reader based on industry topics and follows blogs who write about these topics. Using an RSS reader is an easy way to sort through industry articles without clogging your email inbox.

Seasonal Ideas

Every holiday presents you with an opportunity to create timely content. For example, a personal coach can write a different post about managing stress for each holiday from Halloween to Mother’s Day and every holiday day in between.

Pulling It All Together

There are a couple of ways that you can begin to organize your topic ideas. One is to set a few hours aside at the beginning of each quarter to plan the next quarter’s topics. You can also hire a virtual assistant to research monthly topic ideas.

You should also consider keeping track of topic ideas that pop up. For example, when you’re driving to a meeting and have an idea for a blog series, make sure that you quickly document that idea so that you don’t lose it.

When I’m away from home and a stroke of blogging brilliance strikes, I pull out my cell phone and either text or email the idea to myself so I can capture the thought right away. A spreadsheet or even a running list of ideas in a document can be sufficient.

Making The Content Relevant

Once you have a growing list of topic ideas, you can fill in your editorial calendar. This can be the time that you take a general topic idea and make it unique and relevant to your audience.

For example, if you’re going to write a ‘Tips for Managing Stress On Mother’s Day’ post, you might add a twist to the piece and make it a series of funny stories to support each tip. Consider why your audience needs to know the information, what they need to know, and what you can offer to make the information unique.


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