6 Things You Need to Know About Formula (With Giveaway)

Before I even start talking about formula, I want our readers to know that this isn’t a debate or a punch at moms who breastfeed. This post isn’t meant to start a war about which way is better. This is just an informative post for moms who are using formula and some important things that they should know. Now onto the fun tips about formula!

Mixing Properly Does Matter

Ah, yes, those late night bottle feedings sometimes seem like you’re just throwing a bottle together. There’s no need to panic, but mixing the formula properly is very important.

Do Not Keep Leftover Formula (No Judgement Here, Just a Reminder)

Although it’s tempting to stick the leftover bottle back in the fridge, you should probably just toss it. No one knows 100% what can happen in a leftover formula bottle, so it’s best to get rid of it. Sometimes bacteria can grow and there’s not always a way to keep track of how old the bottle is. For the safety of your baby, always start over. If they are frequently not eating everything you’ve mixed up, you can always try making less and adding a little more as time goes on.

Formula is Very Nutritious (There are TONS of vitamins and nutrients in formula).

Many parents use formula for many different reasons, but they all have one thing in common. Formula is very nutritious and an excellent alternative to breastfeeding.

Dad Can Help Feed (And Lots of Other People Too)!

One of the best parts of feeding your baby formula is that you can share the burden with others. Not that feeding your baby is a burden, but taking care of an infant 24/7 can be exhausting. Sharing the load with others is always a wonderful feeling.

Formula Doesn’t Require Super Powers to Use

Although you may be nervous about using formula, don’t. It’s actually very easy to use. Measuring is about the most difficult part and that’s not even all that hard. Here’s a rundown of how to use formula.

  1. Make sure the bottle is sanitized and clean.
  2. Wash your hands before touching the formula.
  3. Read the directions for mixing the formula The amount of water and formula should be just right.
  4. Studies are showing that warming a bottle isn’t necessary, but if you do, run it under warm water in the sink, do not place it in the microwave. (Sometimes the microwave can get the bottle way too hot).

Parent’s Choice is an Excellent Choice

Sometimes when you have a new baby on board, you’re not sure where to turn. Well, there’s some good news, Parent’s Choice is an exclusive brand sold at from Walmart. There are several different types of Parent’s Choice formula that you can pick up right now (Parent’s Choice Premium Powder Instant Formula, Parent’s Choice Advantage Tub Powder Stage 2 Formula, Parent’s Choice Sensitivity Canned Powder Infant Formula and Parent’s Choice Gentle Infant Formula) for under $20, which means you can feed that beautiful baby of yours 60 4 ounce bottles for under $20! (There are more than 4 options, but those 4 are currently on sale)

Parents Choice Formula

If there are a few things I’ve learned in my years of parenting, it is that a higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality. Sometimes the best of the best fit right into our budget and I’m okay with that. We’re huge fans of Parent’s Choice around here because they meet infant’s formula nutritional standards and the recommendation of the AAP – the American Academy of Pediatrics. It’s of course also clinically proven to help with the growth and development of your beautiful baby. If you’d like to know more information, head on over to the Parent’s Choice Formula website.

For your information, I’ve listed the above Parent’s Choice formula that are currently under $20.

Parents Choice Formula

  • Parent’s Choice Premium Powder
  • Infant Formula Value Size 35oz- Makes average 65, 4 oz bottles
  • Clinically proven to support growth and development
  • Compares to Enfamil Infant
  • Under $20.00 at $19.98
  • Parent’s Choice Advantage Tub Powder
  • Stage 2 Formula
  • Value Size 35oz- Makes average 60 4oz bottles
  • Suitable for babies 6-12 months
  • Under $20.00 at $19.98
  • Parent’s Choice Sensitivity Canned
  • Parent’s Choice Gentle

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