Introducing Lost My Name—Making Bedtimes More Magical

In a world full of media and electronics, something that was once dear to you and I is getting lost. READING! I have always loved reading and it’s something we do in our household every day. Whenever I get the chance to check out a new book on the market, I do it! Recently, our family was able to check out a new book collection called Lost My Name.

Lost My Name Book Review

Depending on if you want a book created for the boy or girl in your life they’re called The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name / The Little Boy Who Lost His Name. I love the idea behind these books for so many reasons. We received two boy books dedicated to our boys and their names, their hair colors even matched! Both of our books were completely different. In fact with Lost My Name books, there are over 300 different story variants, which means each book has the ability to create its own adventure.

We were able to give them to the boys on Christmas morning and of course, we had to read them right away! (Please forgive my Christmas morning attire!)

The Boy Who Lost His Name Book Review

My boys love adventure and there’s something really cool about reading a book with your name it. You are the one on the adventure whenever your name is in print. It gets my kids excited about reading their books and it offers them endless possibilities to use their imagination. I love seeing their eyes light up whenever they see their name in the book. My three year old was even able to recognize and spell out his name by the time we were done! Check it out below.

I would encourage you to head over to the Lost My Name and start your own book journey today. You can enter in your child’s name and start creating the book today.  Just imagine your little one’s face when they open up a personalized book and see their name! They will be ready to go on an adventure right away. I also love the story behind Lost My Name. These books were developed by a group of dads and an uncle who simply wanted better books for the kids in their lives.

This book was brought to you by Lost My Name, all thoughts are my own.

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