Simple Winter Crafts For Young Children


If you’re looking for some fun and easy crafts to do indoors with your children this winter, I’ve assembled some of my favorites here to save you time. Materials needed are easy to come by and there’s very little prep or learning time, so everyone can jump right in.

Simple Winter Crafts For Young Children

Popsicle Stick Snowmen

This craft not only uses up old popsicle sticks, but scraps of fabric, paper and extra buttons. Every snowman ends up completely unique! Young children will have fun dressing up their little friend. 


Footprint Snowman

Heather’s cute craft at Parenting Patch is not just simple to do, but it creates a little memento as well. Use your child’s footprint to make a paper snowman.


Textured Tissue Snowman

Use up some of that spare tissue paper that’s lying around, and create a unique sensory experience for your child. He’ll enjoy tearing and crumpling all the little tissue paper pieces.  


Cookie Cutter Valentine Stamps

Using finger paint, let your children make heart-shaped stamps on colored paper using a cookie cutter. We happened to have a large cookie cutter in our collection already, so it was easy to dive right into this craft from Mom vs. The Boys blog. Any cookie cutter will do, of course. Some winter-themed ideas: gingerbread men, stars, trees, bears and reindeer.

Use these works of art as place mats for Valentine’s Day or jumbo Valentine cards for a favorite teacher.


Draw a Reindeer

Here’s an easy video drawing tutorial for a child BY a child from the Super Smarty Pants blog.


Enjoy and stay warm!

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