Blogging With Recipes: Get Your Food Posts Seen – Sandbox To Success Episode 039

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Blogging With Recipes. Get Your Food Posts Seen - Sandbox To Success Episode 039

Today on Episode 39 we’ll be talking about blogging with recipes. How to get those posts seen, and how we can best maximize our food or recipe post. Most bloggers have felt a little “kick in the pants” to start putting recipes on your site if you don’t already. With good reason. Recipes are a good source of trafficking. Everyone, whether they’re Moms, Dad, Grandma’s, etc. needs to eat.  

Here are a few tricks to maximize your recipes!


The photos are key to get traffic from recipes. You clear, bright, and LARGE photos. Small photos make it hard for the person reading to see what it is they’re supposed to make. On Pinterest I choose the ones with good photos. The dark photos will not get chosen. I’ve made recipes that weren’t amazing… based solely on the photos.

Not sure how to make your photos better? Get on Pinterest and type in a recipe you’ve done. Check out how others are photographing it!

Here are a few tips for taking good photos:

You don’t need a fancy camera or DSLR. You can get one and use it if you like, but that’s not mandatory. An iPhone or another smartphone with a nice camera should be more than adequate. The point and shoot cameras now days also have such a good quality that it’s ridiculous. If you do have a budget to buy a camera, defiantly get one with a removable lens. That will add longevity to your photography skills as you progress.

In order to make the picture clear, just take the extra moment to make sure it’s in focus.

Take more than one photo, just in case.

For bright photos, photographing during the day by the window is ideal. If you are unable to shoot during the day,  there are lights to help. You can see an example of a DIY lightening solution my husband made me here. You can also find options on Amazon, or more DIY options on Pinterest.

Good Recipes

Be specific. Make sure all of your measurements are consistent, and write out details for how the person can create it. In WordPress or you can put your recipe into a plugin, which makes it easy to print off! It’s nice, neat, professional logging, and helps with schema tags. I really like the Yummly program. I like it because I feel like you get a little extra “Ju-Ju” with their plugin since they’re such a big sharing site. I also like the SEO behind it. I also like Yum Print because you can change the colors and match your site. There are tons of options, both free and paid. I generally go with the paid, or free with option to upgrade, so that you’ll have access to the full support.  

Submission Sites

Nikki Willis shared her amazing list of places to share food post with me. She’s the owner of Tikkido, a great craft, DIY, recipe blog that I really enjoy going to you. I’ve listed her ideas below, and added a few of my own:

Chow Stalker 

Cookie Hound


Dessert Stalker 

Dessert Stalking (Not to be confused with Dessert Stalker) 


Finding Vegan 



Food Foto Gallery 

Foodie Portal 

Food Spreading


Healthy Aperture


Inspiring Cooks 


Looksi Bite 

Potluck at Oh My Veggies

Punk Domestics


Seasons Eatings

So Mixerlicious


Taste Spotting

Yum Goggle


You Are Baker

My Foodies

Thifty DIY Diva 

My Recipe Magic

Recipe Lion

Chef This Up

That’s it guys! Putting photos on your site isn’t THAT difficult. I have submitted some that I didn’t think were all that great, and they got the best traffic. People want things are do-able, not overly complicated. Keep your audience in mind when making your recipes, and cater to their specific needs!


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