Fun Family Christmas Tradition Ideas

Christmas is getting really close. That includes the traditions that we do every year, and the new traditions that we create together as a family. Traditions doesn’t have to be elaborate, they don’t have to be expensive. They only need to be things that you and your family do together. Here are some fun family Christmas tradition ideas that you can start or continue with. 

Fun Family Christmas Tradition Ideas

Fun Family Christmas Tradition Ideas

 Hallmark Northpole Magic Mail Stationery Set Correspond with Santa

Writing Letters to Santa/Sitting on Santa’s Lap

If you are writing a letter to send to Santa, and hope for a reply, this is one you might not one to want too long before sending it off. I believe that the date for Canada Post is usually about December 6th. His address is: Santa Claus North Pole Canada H0H 0H0.

If you are one to leave things to the last minute (guilty) make sure you pick up a Magic Mail Stationary Kit. I used this kit last year and it was VERY exciting for my daughter. You write on the paper and put it in the freezer. Magic will send the letter u to the North Pole and after a few minutes Santa will have written a response. It is a very ‘cool’ idea.

Advent Calendar

There are a lot of different great ways to do an advent calendar from the chocolate advent calendars you can find in stores, to the extravagant calendars that some people create for their family. Some other great, simpler ideas for an advent calendar also include a new book a day, or an ornament a day.

Elf on the Shelf

As much as I enjoy watching other people share what their elf does every day, I don’t think I’ll ever adopt this tradition. However, I know a lot of people really enjoy it each year and look forward to the elf arriving! Plus, Pinterest has TONS of ideas in case you aren’t super creative.

Looking at Christmas Lights

We like to get in the vehicle, the kids usually in their pajamas, and take a drive around our town to look at the Christmas lights and decorations. Hot chocolate and candy canes add to the trip.

Watching Christmas Movies

I love to watch Christmas movies and we always, always start with movies that my husband and I watched when we were kids. Such as Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas, before moving on to Jim Carrey’s version of it.

Here are some other great family Christmas movies:

Gingerbread House

If you can let go of the perfect looking gingerbread house like the one on the box, it can be a fun thing to do with your kids. Maybe leave it out for Santa instead of cookies.

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