10 Things That Go On Sale After Christmas

Think the best times to shop are Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Not so fast! The days following Christmas are definitely in the running when it comes to certain products; some discounts are as deep as 80 to 90 percent. Retailers are eager to clear out “seasonal” inventory and they know there aren’t any major retail shopping holidays until Spring.

Here is my list of top ten things that go on sale after Christmas is over.

10 Things That Go on Sale After Christmas

10 Things That Go on Sale After Christmas


Laptops, phones and tablets will be discounted, but you might see some especially nice deals on cameras. Electronics are not just slashed because gift-giving has ended, but also because stores are making way for the next year’s new releases.

TIP: Look for even deeper discounts for “out of the box” items, or electronics that were returned.

Here is a list of the top laptop sellers on Amazon. Keep an eye out on these: 

Home Decor

You’ll likely seem some huge discounts in this category, because the reasoning is that nobody is interested in Thanksgiving or Christmas decor after the holidays are over. But many savvy families buy their Christmas trees, candles, linens, florals and crafts a year early. And not all fall and winter decor is holiday-specific. You can find patterns and colors that can work year-round if you keep your eyes open.

Wrapping Paper

While you can definitely buy ahead for next Christmas, seasonal gift wrap can be used for other occasions if you stick with solid colors, neutral patterns, plaids and stripes and animals. Foil and glittery papers (popular at Christmas) are perfect for wrapping birthday, wedding and anniversary presents.

Disposable Dinnerware

Napkins, plates and cups are always deeply discounted after Christmas. This is perfect if you are planning a New Year’s Party, or are looking ahead to Super Bowl or even Valentine’s Day (think red!). Children love with colorful plates and napkins, so just buy them for convenience and fun to use in the coming year.

Cookware and Utensils

Who says you can’t cook with red pots in the summer or serve a birthday cake in a glittery pan? Seasonal kitchenware discounts are usually very easy to find and include everyday essentials like spatulas, spoons, mixing bowls and measuring cup sets. And hues that are considered seasonal (red, gold, green, silver, aqua, etc.) may fit your kitchen colors to a tee.

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I finally bought a full set of Christmas dishes and love pulling them out each year for our holiday breakfast and dinner. If you are hesitant to splurge on such an expensive seasonal item, then buy right after Christmas when they go on sale, and tuck them away for next December. You’ll be so glad you did because they will make your table so much more festive!

Edible Gifts

This is one of my favorite categories to shop after Christmas! Treats like peanut brittle, sausage and cheese sets, chocolate, decorated cookies and tins full of popcorn and nuts are delicious any time of year. Stock up and use for parties, care packages or teacher gifts. Or just enjoy at your next family game night.

Winter Clothing

Walk into an apparel store after Christmas and it feels like winter is already over. Jackets, coats, sweaters, leggings, scarfs and mittens commonly go on sale even though there several months of cold weather ahead.  

Cosmetics and Skincare

This is a popular gift, especially for women, at Christmas and so it typically gets slashed right after. Mainstream brands, generic store brands, and specialty brands (like Sephora, Urban Decay, Avon, Bath & Body Works) all ran great sales in 2015, and I’m looking forward to more of the same this year.

Christmas Cards 

Think ahead 12 months and you can save up to 80% on Christmas cards. In fact, it’s one of the most deeply discounted items you may see on store shelves after December 25th since it’s exclusively tied to one holiday and since many stores end up with a lot of leftover inventory (snail mail is not as vigorous as it once was). 

What is your favorite item to shop for after the Christmas rush?

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