5 Ways To Keep Kids Safe In The Car As School Starts

As the school year starts, there will be many more cars on the road. Busy parents and grandparents rushing to drop their kids off at school and business men and women rushing to get to work. With all the commotion, we sometimes forget about safety.

5 Ways To Keep Kids Safe In The Car As School Starts

Here are 5 ways to keep kids safe in the car as school starts:

Leave Earlier

One of the biggest reasons people get in car accidents is because they leave much later than they should. You can’t anticipate a train, a car accident, or a road block before you get there. So, leave at least 10-minutes earlier than you actually have to in the morning. This will give you enough time to get where you need to be without rushing to get there on time keeping kids safer in the car.

Buckle Those Seatbelts

I know I even have the habit of throwing the kids in and drive the 2 blocks to school. You may not think driving 2 or even 3 blocks to drop your kids off at school is worth a seatbelt, but the truth is, you never know what could happen. No matter how far you go, make sure to buckle those seatbelts.

Place Backpacks on the Floor

Get your kids in a habit of placing their backpacks on the floor in-between their legs or in the crevice between the seat. Whether you have a quick stop or get into a minor accident, flying books are never a good thing. When they are placed on the floor, it is less likely for them to hurt anyone during any accident.

Keep Distractions Away While Driving

Cell phones, iPads, radios can all be a distraction while you are driving. It only takes a second off the road for something drastic to happen. Turn your radio station where you want it to be before driving, set the sound, and put all your electronic device away. If you can’t help, but look at your phone when it dings, turn it off while you’re in the car to prevent that temptation.

Be a Defensive Driver

Always be on the lookout for other drivers. Not everyone cares about the safety of your children, or sadly, their children’s safety. Drive the speed limit, check all your mirrors, and drive with caution. The more you drive defensively, the safer it will be for all kids on the road.

What other tips do you have for keeping kids safe in the car? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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